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Our new folding machine gives us new folding and document finishing options.

When you receive delivery instructions that include the expected delivery time, additional instructions state that you should only read the instruction manual and don’t unpack until a technician arrives a week later. You know you’ve ordered something special.

This was the case when it came to the delivery of our new Duplo-990 folding machine. We had to wait a week from the time the box containing it arrived, to the time the Tech came, assembled it and showed us how to operate it, but it was worth the wait.

Rapid Copy
Rapid Copy

The Duplo-990 was released to the New Zealand market only at the beginning of this year, making us one of the first to purchase this unit. It is a massive upgrade from our previous folder, which was made sometime in the ’90s and didn’t have the precision or capabilities that modern printing requires.

The key reason for this new equipment is to continue to reduce our printing production times. Previously the production and folding of 1000 folded flyers would up to an hour to produce. With the Duplo we can now create the same order a quarter of the time or less.

As well as decreasing production times, we are now able to fold printing for customers that they have done on their printers in a fraction of the time that it would take to fold at a competitive price and production time.

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