We made it to Covid Level 2 - A quick update from RapidCopy

by Rapid Copy
3 months ago

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Congratulations everyone on reaching level 2. It’s been a hard slog and we’re not out of the woods yet but we’re definitely on the right track.

Level 2 is less restrictive than Level 3 so we can now reintroduce a few more services that we haven’t been able to offer over the past few weeks.

Our system of contactless pickups has been working exceptionally well during level 3 and will be continuing at through level 2.

Now level 2 you can come in and see us to discuss your printing with us, or to view a proof, but you will need to make an appointment

Unfortunately at this time we still are unable to accept walk-in jobs.

How does contactless pickup work?

  1. Get in contact with others about your printing job, either by giving is a call or sending us an email with the file and details.
  2. We will complete your job (usually within under 24 hours)
  3. We will inform you of the completion of your job and organise a time that you can come by and pick it up.
  4. Just before your scheduled pickup time will place your printing on a table that we have set up by the door ready for you to pick up. If you have a particularly large order and need help loading into your car please do not hesitate to ask and want others will happily assist you (while maintaining proper social distancing)

How do I pay with contactless pick up?

When we complete your printing we’ll send you an email with an invoice attached, this invoice can be paid online or by credit card over the phone.

Can I bring in physical documents for scanning or copying?

Yes. Now under level 2 we can have people drop off physical copies, just gives a call and organise a time to come and and drop off the documents.

Can I bring you a document on a USB the printing.

Yes. Similar to bringing and physical documents you will need to organise a time to come in and see us. Please make sure that the documents on the USB that you want printed are clearly identifiable because we will be unable to let you close enough to see the computer screen.

We hope to hear from you soon, stay safe out there.

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