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Julie wrote to us from the Netherlands, asking us to print her university MA thesis. Two copies needed to be printed, soft bound and delivered to the Victoria University of Wellington's Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. We received the thesis as a PDF file: it was just over 100 A4 pages and included about 10 colour pictures.

Julie writes:

Wow! Thanks.

This was so important to me and you handled it fantastically. I loved your attention to detail throughout the whole process. You thought of everything. Best service I've had in a long time. So glad I choose Rapid Copy for this task.

Thanks again for everything,



Here are just some of the things you can do in black and white at high speed in digital printing or from hard copy.

Single or Double Sided

Single or Double Sided

Double sided printing saves paper, saves the planet! Double sided printing can also make large documents easier to store, handle and carry. A win-win situation for everybody!

A3 and A4

A4 and A3

No printing job is too big or too small for us. For larger sizes, check out our Plan Printing page


Digital or Hard Copy

We can produce your documents from either hard copy (paper) or from most digital file formats. We are extremely flexible and customer orientated. Put us to the test today!


Originals Scanned Direct from Glass

We can provide high quality scanning for your documents, photographs, artwork and plans. We'll ensure that all details and shades are as true to your original as possible.

Coloured Paper up to 225GSM

Colour Paper or Card up to 225gsm

Colour-Code your documents, or catch the viewer's eye.


Collation and Stapling

We'll make sure it's sorted and stapled for a professional look.

Enlargements (BW)

Enlargements and Reductions

Who says size doesn't matter?

Business Cards (BW)

Business Cards

Tell the world who you are. We can print black and white business cards and you can make a strong, clear statement.

Brochures (BW)

Invitations, Flyers, Brochures, etc

When you need to get your message out there quickly, it's hard to beat high volume printing.

1st Generation Copies in BW

Produce High Quality, 1st Generation B&W Copies

We can produce sharp, high quality master copies from your digital files.

About Us

Rapid Copy Frontage

We'll scan and colour-match your artwork to ensure the copies are realistic.

Faster Colour Printing

CP 560

Our Color 560 Printer delivers the highest quality print to meet your highest expectations in design, media, advertising and other graphic arts sectors. The high-resolution colour and monochrome printing is truly excellent, it produces excellent results on 80gsm paper.

Plans n' Scans


Have you thought about scanning your old plans, or even newer ones? We can do this for you as black & white files. We will scan as either a PDF or TIFF file. The files can then be burnt to CD, saved on a memory stick, or emailed to you. We also scan A4 and A3 documents, colour or B&W. We can print all kinds of plans for you.